Summer Edit


Art Direction & Photographs by Charles Rodulfo

Make Up by Arlene Bulactial

Hair by Emerson Tagaamo

Portraits of Rachel Hemphill

For this collection, we opted to try a background that we haven't used before. Also, I get to work with a model I had a test shoot with when she was just starting here in Manila. Working with Rachel, and everyone in the shoot was a breeze because I got to work with everyone several times already.


Also, Lean, (the owner of Twill Cavern) has a new mirror on location so me being me, I had my assistant carry it to the set and put it on the floor. I had Rachel do some layouts with it. Between us, I must admit that I am always scared when I have someone sit and/or lie down on furniture, especially when it's glass because I might break it but the risker in me knows that I can get good photos out of it so I still go for it. 

She's got Bette Davis eyes

What got me to message her for the first test shoot was her stare. She didn't have to do much in terms of posing. Her gaze just leaves you in awe. Good thing we got to get a lot of those shots for Twill Cavern.

Twill Cavern

Check out the collection at twillcavern.com or at their pop-up stores at Retail Lab in Power Plant Mall and at Glorietta 3.

Also, follow them on Instagram @twillcavern